Frazer Parfum’s Bok Collection

WORDS Michaela Stehr

The latest Frazer Parfum collection, called Bok, is a fragrance range for children. We chatted to founder Tammy Frazer about it.

What inspired the Bok collection?

My rite of passage as a woman, being pregnant for the first time and having my son, Atlas, inspired me to think about scent from a more gentle and primitive perspective. The scent itself is part nostalgia. When I think about childhood and baking, and when it comes to the flavour profile of complex pastries, the appeal is the combination of sweet and salty. I included cedarwood in the fragrance to imbue it with a subtle saltiness. It also provides a woody note; baby fragrances tend to be feminine and I wanted to make it more unisex. There is lavender in the top notes and the heart is neroli.

Tell us more about your ingredients.

All of my ingredients are natural, with conscious sourcing. The best quality lavender is grown at 1 500 m above sea level in Haute Provence, France, and we source our neroli oil, which is distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, from Tunisia.

Tell us about the packaging design.

The inspiration for Bok is a little boy, quintessentially local. Branding agency Utopia developed the concept to incorporate the rocking feature, introducing an element of whimsy in the packaging design, so the box that the fragrance comes in actually rocks! The rest of the collection is an extension of the rocking motion, in an abstract way. The curves of the moisture bar allow it to rock, while being ergonomic in the hand when bathing a baby. And the candle­ holder and soap dish mimic the curves of a rocker.

Bok is available at Merchants on Long, 34 Long Street, Cape Town. For more information, visit