Flooring Ideas: Woven Vinyl Flooring

WORDS Amelia Brown

Woven vinyl flooring is turning heads in homes and offices with appealing textured motifs and bright colours.

Thanks to technological advances, there’s a hard-wearing, hygienic, stain-resistant, low-maintenance woven vinyl flooring for every need: non-slip for wet areas, anti-static for X-ray rooms, flame-retardant for industry, sound-absorbing for noisy teens… The list goes on.

Wayflor woven vinyl flooring, now available at Rebtex, is composed of vinyl yarns woven together on jacquard looms to create a textured 3D effect. Forget about “safe” neutral colours; there’s a vast range of on-trend hues and patterns, some with thin metallic threads woven in to add depth and intensity. The residential collection is water-resistant, allergy-free and insulating, with a comfortable feel underfoot, making it a good choice for high-traffic living areas.


The striking vinyl carpet tiles are easy to install and reduce waste in terms of offcuts. They can be creatively mixed and matched to meet your design requirements, and replacing them if you’re redecorating is no problem. The range is available in 2 m-wide sheets; square, shaped and acoustic tiles; click planks; wallpaper; and fabric.

For more information, visit rebtexrsa.com.