Fleur le Cordeur’s Signature Home Range

PORTRAIT Karina Conradie PHOTOS Tasha Seccombe PRODUCTION Heike Le Cordeur WORDS Eugene Yiga

Installations and function arrangements may be Heike Le Cordeur’s stock in trade, but we love her Fleur Le Cordeur signature home range, especially the floral tablecloths in linen.

Floral designer Heike le Cordeur is the owner of Fleur le Cordeur, which conceptualises, designs and delivers floral installations and arrangements for weddings and other events, magazine articles, TV shows and more.

“We started off doing normal-size events,”says Heike, “but we now specialise in delivering flowers and decor on a high-intensity, large scale. We’ve also branched out into custom homeware – tablecloths, cushions, place mats, napkins and curtains – photographing original floral arrangements and printing them on beautiful linen.”

The inspiration to add floral tablecloths came when Heike had coffee with a friend who made a comment about how she would love it if Fleur le Cordeur’s flowers could be on her dinner table permanently. There’s a story behind every design. The first few started off with people close to Heike and the design was inspired by their personalities and passions. She then got requests to do custom designs and cloths for weddings. Those designs were named after the brides and also became part of the range, so their legacies live on as part of the business.

The tablecloths, made of raw linen, are available in standard sizes but can be customised. They are sold through the Fleur le Cordeur website and social media platforms, and in a few boutiques. “We are testing wallpaper at the moment and we’re expanding internationally,” says Heike. The world is our oyster!”

To place an order, visit fleurlecordeur.co.za.