Flip-Flop Sculptures by Ocean Sole

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES facebook.com/OceanSole VIDEO via 60 Second Docs on YouTube

Social enterprise Ocean Sole heads up an initiative that collects discarded flip-flops that wash up on beaches and turns them into magnificent animal sculptures that are available for purchase online.

Based in Kenya, Ocean Sole has cleared over 1 000 tonnes of sandal waste from oceans and waterways, having recycled 500 000 flip-flops last year alone. The initiative provides a steady income and employment to over 900 Kenyans and 10% of proceeds goes directly into the preservation of marine life.

The video below features flip-flop artist Francis Mutua, who explains the process behind the creation of the animal sculptures. The sculptures all vary in size and are all handmade by local producers.

For more information about this incredible initiative, visit oceansole.co.ke.