Flamingo Room by tashas

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES David Ross

Designed by interior architect Neydine Bak and architect Dewald Struwig of B&SStudios, the Flamingo Room by tashas is an opulent, ‘70s-inspired restaurant located in the luxurious Jumeirah Al Naseem resort in Dubai.

The space, which won the studio the award for Best Regional Interior Design at the Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Awards in 2017 and is nominated for a 2018 Restaurant & Bar Design Award, aims to pay homage to the diverse flora and fauna found in South Africa.

“The core interior design concept focussed on craft,” says Neydine. “We collaborated with South African and Australian artists to explore and execute a delicate balance between luxury and whimsy.”

The colour palette, a mixture of salmon pink, emerald greens, gold and cream is inspired by nature, more specifically “the colour of flamingos, the shades of the baobab flower and the richness of the golden African sun,” adds Neydine. “These all transpired into the golden details and mottled salmon glossy plaster throughout the dining space.”

The space, divided into three separate areas, is tied together through South African artist Mike Hyam’s abstract, baobab-inspired installation that lines the ceiling. Made up of hand-blown glass discs, the installation is lit up, creating the illusion of shadows. “Vibrant, salmon-coloured Venetian Stucco is beautifully reflected in the scalloped, antique mirror wall cladding,” says Neydine.

From the three-metre-high brass-coated banana leaves behind the bar to neutral fabrics used throughout the interiors, the space makes use of a range of bold materials, from solid brass, velvet and faux ostrich leather to marble and linen.

“We aimed to be innovative with our combination of different styles and materials,” says Neydine. “Embroidered cushions depict African fauna, an unfilled travertine champagne bar is finished off with crushed glass and hues of pink marble are used sparingly throughout the space to create a unique, majestic interior.”

For Neydine, the project tells a story. “The interior energy resonates with the story we wanted to tell. It is a story of South African hospitality, a story of unique African beauty and a story of design.”

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