New From willowlamp: WindChime Chandelier

WORDS Mary Garner

Adam Hoets, Founder and Creative Director of award-winning local lighting studio willowlamp, has created a new show-stopping design after watching a film about ninjas.

The inspiration for the WindChime chandelier came quickly, with this design being one of the fastest Adam has ever come up with.

“It took me less than three days,” he says. “Sometimes I sit on ideas for years, and sometimes they just appear in an instant. I’ve always liked these forms [tiered bamboo wind chimes] and thought it would be interesting to interpret wind chimes in a classic chandelier design.”

The snowflake-shaped WindChime is one of two new chandelier designs forming part of the 2018 collection.

“With this light, I also positioned lamps on the top of the main frame,” says Adam. “These cast dramatic overlapping shadows onto the ceiling above through the suspension chains and circular holes in the frame above it.”

Each “wind chime” is lit up using G4 LEDs, with six LEDs featuring on top of the main frame. The WindChime is available in red, black and white, as well as varying metallic shades.

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