Fire in the sky

WORDS Debbie Loots PHOTOS Karma Spies VIDEO Jason Hayden

This year 9 000 people participated in the biggest seven-day Afrikaburn ever and word fresh from the desert is that it was once again a surreal and mind-boggling experience.

All sorts of wonderous performances popped up everywhere, like the event’s main totem, a spaced-out robot bunny, many amazing interactive art installations, cars made into artworks that offer you rides to explore the vast pans and theme camps where you can party the night away – all thanks to the ingenious efforts and participation of the festival-goers.

If you’ve never been to Afrikaburn – or the mother event in Nevada, Burning Man – you’ll be forgiven if you think you can just drop in for the party, empty-handed, buy drinks and food when you need it and have a shower in the morning to rinse of the dust and sweat. It simply doesn’t work like that. It has a culture of gifting, nothing is for sale except ice, and you bring along stuff to share – art, pancakes, mojitos or a feathered headrest, for nada in return.

And they also say at Afrikaburn you look after yourself, from water to shelter – it can be windy, hot in the day and freezing at night, but it doesn’t matter – you get to dance in the desert.

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