Erasing education errors

PHOTOS: Brett Rubin

The kind hearted individuals who’ve helped the non-profit organisation One School at a Time have been thanked for helping to erase problems at township schools with this novel chalk-duster seat.

According to the chairman of the organisation, Pepe Marais, One School at a Time has an overriding vision to create an educational system within South Africa that will serve as a shining example to the world.

In 2010 alone, R920 000 was invested into their first adopted high school, Forte High, in Dobsonville, Soweto. These funds went towards upgrading sports grounds, training staff and building bathrooms. A further R800 000 will be used in 2011.

The contemporary piece of furniture designed as a gift for those who kindly donated R250 000 or more to the organisation serves as a thank you for their contribution in erasing a second-rate and dysfunctional educational system. The seat was conceived by Reandi Schutte, Melissa Grundlingh, Wendy Foster and Liani Potgieter and was executed by Porky Hefer from Animal Farm.

The bench stands proudly at 1.6m x 0.45m. The fun and quirky design was brought to life with a base of plywood and felt cushion top.

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