Dream in Kohler


Kohler is no longer just bringing you bathroom and kitchen fitments that inspire awe and exude class.

They have introduced a new competition angle that gives architects and designers alike an opportunity to explore the creative possibilities of the entire Kohler range.

It also gives you a chance to be contracted and paid to build the 16m2 bathroom of your dreams for the world to see at 100% Design South Africa at Decorex Johannesburg in August 2018.

The competition comes to you under the name “Dream in Kohler”. The website offers you stunning inspiration galleries and an easy entry system. All that is required of architects and designers is 1 concept sketch, 2 sections, 1 elevation, 3 3D renders and a product/spec list.

The competition requires entrants to push the limits of what is possible in modern bathroom design and create something that speaks to both the designer’s unique style and the South African context in which it exists.

Kohler has asked for “cutting edge style and fierce creativity to come together to form an inspired design unparalleled in any industry”. If that is something that appeals to you then it’s time to start drawing and get that entry in today.

For more information, visit africadreaminkohler.com.