Cool Collab: Colours of Africa by Design Indaba X Google Arts & Culture

Design Indaba teams up with Google Arts & Culture to create “Colours of Africa”, a first-of-its-kind interactive online exhibition that see 60 of Africa’s most preeminent creatives – from architecture, illustration and painting to ceramics, poetry and engineering – narrate Africa through their art.

Each of the 60 artists, as curated by Design Indaba’s founder Ravi Naidoo, were invited to contribute a work that captures the colour and character of their home country. The theme pays homage to the history of powerful stories told by Africans through the medium of colour: A kaleidoscopic navigation tool is used to explore art; each colour telling a unique story, expressing a multilayered tapestry of emotion and experience.

The multidisciplinary mix of artists includes Algerian photographer Ramzy Bensaadi, fashion designer Bisrat Negassi from Eritrea, filmmaker Archange Kiyindou “Yamakasi” from the Republic of Congo and visual artist Ngadi Smart from Sierra Leone.

The initiative also includes the launch of over 4000 images and videos and 20 carefully curated exhibits from Design Indaba’s extensive archive. Award-winning initiatives like Sheltersuit, Arch for Arch and Emerging Creatives are extensively profiled online for the first time.

Not to be missed are new works by some of the most important creatives continent, including Fozia Ismail, who was a featured creative on Serpentine Gallery’s Creative Exchange programme; Mayada Adil El Sayed, who represented Sudanese women at the Generation Equality Forum; and Lady Skollie, the winner of the 10th FNB Art Prize.

Explore “Colours of Africa” here.

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