Dauphin’s Office Range

WORDS Debbie Loots

We survey the latest in office trends with Dauphin’s luxurious new office range, which brings some of the creature comforts of home into the workspace.

Blame it on the tech revolution creating new ways of working or businesses wanting to promote staff wellbeing… Whatever the reason, it means leading office furniture designers such as the Dauphin Human Design® Group are always sleeping with their thinking caps on to stay ahead of the game.

Recently, sitting has been vilified as the new smoking. Enter Dauphin’s new booth-like Bosse standing desk. This workstation with height-adjustable chrome legs and colourful upholstered panels for privacy gives office peeps the option to stand or sit while working. It’s good for your health, say the Dauphin experts, who ensure ergonomics is at the heart of all their designs.

Dauphin’s Atelier booth, perfect for a short retreat from the hubbub, looks super snazzy in its zesty jacket; and the leather-upholstered 4+ Relax chair lends the office space a touch of homely luxury. “With the lines between home and work increasingly blurred, people want their work environment to emulate the feelings and comfort of home,” says Dauphin marketing director Cherine Leishman.

And if hip is your preferred office style, Dauphin’s bright Aspetta range is the way to go. What’s not to love about a lounge stool that swivels 360 degrees? Imagine the fun to be had – just mind the boss isn’t looking!