New From Coricraft

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Local furniture stalwart Coricraft has introduced a new stylish and comfortable leather couch, the Rosco, to its extensive collection.

Lounge in absolute comfort and luxury with the new Coricraft Rosco couch. The homegrown company prides itself on its made-to-order process, creating opportunities for Cape Town artisans to create personalised and quality furniture.

The concept behind the Rosco is to elevate and transform the everyday leather couch into a timeless yet contemporary piece of furniture that is perfect for relaxing, socialising and looks beautiful in any lilting room setting.

Each custom couch is stuffed with Corifill. Coricraft decided on less fill for maximum comfort and no overstuffing, the deeper seating also allows owners to recline, curl up or stretch out. Textural interest is created by the reverse seam, creating an interesting edge and a lived-in appearance.

Coricraft Launches New Rosco Couch

The arms are lower and wider for optimum leaving while the back cushions are lined with regular material, giving the leather breathability.

“Rich browns are a prominent international trend, as we move away from cold greys and towards warmer, inviting chocolatey browns. Columbian Brown is understated but rich and textured in colour, allowing it to live in multiple settings and interior environments,” their website explains on the colour palette.

The Rosco is available as a 2-seater, 3-seater or a corner L-shaped couch.

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