Cool Spaces: MAISON LH by Fugère Architecture

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Felix Audette

MAISON LH was once a modest 1920s home that has since been transformed by Fugère Architecture into a modern, hybrid space with a nod to the past.

Located in Montreal, Canada, Fugère Architecture found a house with a façade as unimaginative as its interiors. The main challenge was to transform the house without erasing its heritage. To honour the home’s history, it was decided that the main façade would be preserved and the project would be developed around it. Decorative elements were kept intact, while the masonry was totally overhauled.

Due to the home’s original construction, there was a lack of natural light in central spaces. The installation of a large skylight in the middle of the house now douses the staircase, which spans three floors, in light, allowing pools of sun to further diffuse into bedrooms, living spaces and even the basement. What was once a cold, dark space is now filled with warmth.

The home, which comprises a games room, a bedroom in the basement, living areas, an office on the ground floor, and three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor, features a crisp combination of black and white, softened by pops of colour from artworks and accents of natural wood.

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