Cool Space: Wild Clover Breweries

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES Riaan West

Designed by Inhouse Brand Architects, the new state-of-the-art tasting room at Wild Clover Breweries matches the quality of the craft beer.

The concept behind Wild Clover was to create something fun yet sophisticated, embodying the charm of the brewery while at the same time creating a relaxed and social environment. The three sections within the space are all connected, namely the restaurant, brewery and the deli.

Inhouse Managing Director Phillip Wyatt and Associate Director Moiisha Visagie explain, “We really wanted to create a cohesive space and allow the tasting room, dining section, deli and brewery areas to work together, not compete against one another. We also wanted to produce an industrial-yet-homely aesthetic, which we were able to create through the use of muted colours, timber and industrial-inspired elements, such as brass pipe light fittings and sealed concrete flooring.”

Wild Clover’s identity and personality is also evident throughout the space, with the four characters representing each of their beers on display in the tasting room: the Eagle Weiss, the Blind Mole Pils, the Black Dog Porter and the Double Owl Ale.

“We wanted the beer-making process to be an obvious element in the overall design and beer to be predominant throughout,” says Phillip. “We were able to achieve this by covering part of the brewery in glass, which makes it visible from other areas of the venue.” The large statement glass windows exposing the brewery makes Wild Clover a special space for beer lovers and craft enthusiasts as they get the opportunity to watch Brewmaster Ampie Kruger perform his magic.

Wild Clover Breweries is located at Wild Clover Farm off the R304 in Stellenbosch. For more information about Wild Clover Breweries, visit