Cool Collaboration: Skinny laMinx X Dream Press Prints

WORDS Gina Dionisio

Local textile and homeware brand Skinny laMinx has collaborated with Dream Press on a series of playful Risograph prints.

Inspired by the passage of time and the process of growth, “Freedom”, “Change”, “Progress” and “Shift” are apt titles for the newly launched Risograph print series between Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx and Candice Ježek of Dream Press.

The inspiration for the series came to Heather during Lockdown. Being stuck at home made her notice small things in her environment that she’d not paid attention to before. The stacked shapes made by light through her blinds, and the way these shards of light changed as they crossed the rug sparked an idea.

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“This slow progression reminded me of the art school exercises I’d seen on the walls of my hotel during a trip to Porto in Portugal in 2019. I became intrigued to explore the progression of shapes myself – almost like seeing all the frames of a time-lapse animation at once,” says Heather.

In her studio and sketchbooks, she explored this idea of progression, in drawings of botanical and geometric shapes, making linocut prints and simple screenprints with masking tape and fabric paint. This exploration of shape resulted in the launch of two new textile prints – Flower Ring and Shard – earlier this year.

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Then, working with the same idea, but in a new medium, Heather collaborated with Candice Ježek to produce four limited edition Risograph prints. “These prints are a further expression of the way we mark time, the beauty of small shifts, and the importance of presence and participation in the process of growth and change,” says Heather.


Limited edition A3 Risograph print


Limited edition A3 Risograph print


Limited edition A3 Risograph print


Limited edition 30 x 30cm Risograph print

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