Cool Collab: Project Z Wines by Kleine Zalze X BRAVO Design

WORDS Cheri Morris

BRAVO Design, assisted by Artist Theo Paul Vorster, inspired a group of winemakers at Kleine Zalze to create nocturnal creature-inspired labels for Project Z, a unique range of vinifications made beyond boundaries after dark.

For the fruits of relishing in the realm of the unexpected, Kleine Zalze instructed their winemakers to ‘go play’ in the cellar, to push the boundaries of winemaking. The result? Project Z, six wines made through cellar practices including prolonged skin-contact, natural fermentation and lees-aging in amphora and solera methods. All of which have earned scores of 90+. But the creativity was not to stop there, the labels also needed to express the personal investment of the winemakers.

kleine zalze

Cue BRAVO Design‘s 3-day workshop lead by Theo Paul Vorster. Here, the winemakers birthed the inspiration for their unique labels: the ‘secret 7’ – exceptional animals that roam the night beyond detection, just like the winemakers who ‘secretly’ tended to their experimental wine batches after dark.

During this workshop, the winemakers were taught the skill of linocut. They conceptualised a drawing of the nocturnal animal that resonated with them most and over the course of the three days spent hours delicately carving the intricate details that would ultimately become the print for their labels.

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