Contemporary Los Angeles Home by SPF:architects

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Matthew Momberger

Orum by SPF:architects is a three-storey home located in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, constructed in the shape of a three-winged propeller.

This 18 800 m2 mansion, which is wrapped in glass, boasts boundless views of the Los Angeles Basin. The brief sought an opulent home that could easily cater for large events and family gatherings while simultaneously feeling warm and welcoming despite its grand size. The answer to this brief, says Founder and Design Principal, Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA, was to distribute the program across three “blades” that radiate from a central node.

The central node is a bold glass and steel staircase that has two functions: to provide a solution for the expansive home’s circulation and to join three otherwise dissimilar wings of the home. Two storeys rise above the ground while the third hides below. Both the master and mini suites offer 270-degree views of city and ocean while the two smaller bedrooms enjoy the treehouse-like greenery of the hillside and rear garden.

In an effort to capture the duality of LA’s light-play – calming and energising – a glass curtain wall enrobes the third floor of Orum. This glass wall is an advanced custom system developed in part with Swiss company Sky-Frame. The innovative structure comprises five different glass widths of four different opacities. This makes for a visually metamorphic, glinting facade that characterises the home from miles away.

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