Clever Design For Small Spaces: Ori Systems

WORDS Cheri Morris VIDEO Ori on Vimeo

MIT Media Lab and designer Yves Béhar have collaborated to create Ori Systems – a smart furniture system that maximises the use of space in micro-apartments.

Designed for apartments with less than 28 square metres of space, with just the touch of a button you can transform your bedroom into a living room or home office. Ori Systems operates as a compact module with a bed and closet on the one side and a home office and entertainment area on the other.

ori systems

Researchers from MIT’s CityHome project have also developed actuators, electronics and software that enables the user to connect the module to a smart phone app that allows you to move the furniture to your preferred position before you arrive home.

Developers in the US will be incorporating Ori Systems into new developments in Boston, Washington DC and Seattle to maximise the value and living experience of increasingly popular micro-apartments.

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