Celebrate Garden Day

IMAGES Collage of Gundula by Karen Miller, courtesy of Babylonstoren WORDS Zelia Michaels Shangase

Celebrate Garden Day on 9 October 2016 by enjoying the beauty and fruits of your garden.

The idea to celebrate Garden Day, says master gardener Gundula Deutschlander, came from a need to share the passion and excitement she experiences every day in her work on the farm Babylonstoren near Paarl. The intention is for garden enthusiasts to put down their rakes and shovels for one day and enjoy the fruits of their daily toil.

Gundula would like to see a garden movement take off, for young and old to appreciate the mental and physical benefits that come from gardening by cultivating their own piece of happiness.

Whether you have a balcony with pot plants, a patch of vegetables or a landscaped hectare of love, Garden Day is your opportunity to share it with others. Every-one is encouraged to gather with loved ones in activities such as a picnic with fresh produce from the garden or a scavenger hunt for the kids. Whatever your plans, let them find you in a garden on 9 October.

For more ideas on what to do to celebrate Garden Day, visit gardenday.co.za.