The Dialogue Room by Cannata X Make: Hydrous Bathroom Collection

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Russell Smith

Ruvimbo Moyo-Majapa and Lauren Bolus of local design studio Make have collaborated with The Dialogue Room by Cannata, the showroom space of one of South Africa’s most prestigious stone and marble fabricators, on the Hydrous bathroom collection – an ode to stone.

“Natural stones carry history, firstly, inheritably in their properties, in that they were transformed over millions of years, but also for us: They serve as a reminder of ancient civilisations, significant sculptural works, monuments, churches, and even bathhouses,” say Ruvimbo and Lauren. “To have pieces of natural stone in our homes speaks to this history and artistry we all want to be a part of, allowing us to create our own masterpieces.”

There are two different ranges within the Hydrous Collection: Evolve and Erode. The luxurious Evolve, featuring Rosso Levanto marble, showcases high levels of precision, detail and artistry. The Brown Antique granite of Erode highlights the stone’s natural, untreated appearance. Where Evolve is a celebration of precision, Erode is the amplification and honouring of raw textures, eroded crust and welcomed irregularities. Both collections are anchored by brass detailing, courtesy of specialists Patina Patina.

Keep an eye on The Dialogue Room’s website for an upcoming complementary collection of accessories that include a robe hook, tissue box, jewellery holder and toothbrush holder.