Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From a mini Marshall speaker and mesmerising 3D animations to a downloadable colouring-in page and 60-second art clips, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Lauren Fowler’s Downloadable Bee

Cape Town-based designer and illustrator Lauren Fowler has created a downloadable PDF colouring-in page to keep you entertained, relaxed and creative during lockdown.

Download the bee, here.

Image credit: Lauren Fowler at lostisaplacetoo.com

2. Norval Foundation’s 60-second Art Clips

While the Norval Foundation has had to temporarily close its doors, it has launched its #60SecondArt project on Instagram. Over the next few weeks, the gallery will be sharing a series of 60-second art stories, voiced by curators, artists and visitors, that showcase what is currently on display in the art centre.

Image credit: @norvalfoundation on Instagram

3. The Internet Archive Makes 1.4 Million Books Available

Non-profit organisation The Internet Archive has launched the National Emergency Library, allowing anyone across the globe to access over 1.4 million books, reading materials and educational writing for free.

Click here for more information about the initiative.

Image credit: Nick Fewings on Unsplash.com

4. Kyle Szostek’s 3D Motion Experiments

Get lost in these captivating 3D motion experiments, often featuring a variety of calming, pastel tones, by artist and graphic designer Kyle Szostek of Simulation Lab.

Image credit: @simulation lab on Instagram

5. Mini Marshall Speaker

The latest addition to the Marshall speaker collection is a small cube called Uxbridge. It features both state-of-the-art sound and Amazon’s Alexa.

Image credit: Zound Industries via designboom.com