The Bull Run by Tristan Du Plessis

WORDS Cheri Morris

After 18 years as Sandton’s steak institution, The Bull Run was totally demolished to give way to a timeless space that speaks harmoniously to the JSE and downtown New York-style steakhouses.

Designed by Tristan du Plessis of Studio A, the owners sought a fresh space that continued the brand rhetoric and was not typically trendy or contemporary, but rather a space that would remain timeless in its design. The challenge to create a perennial playground for meat-lovers and wine-drinkers was one Tristan explored through materiality, depth of textures and how these elements combined would relate not only to the ambience, but to customer experience as well.

The space embodies the age-old quote that says, “Quality never goes out of style.” Imported lighting from London creates an ambient glow cast on the raw brick walls. Art from New York punctuates the red facades while handcrafted South African curios add an African touch. A large painting of Benjamin Franklin casts an ever-watchful eye over patrons enjoying a drink at the bar.

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