Italian Country Home by Simone Subissati Architects

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Alessandro Magi Galluzzi SHORT FILM Federica Biondi

Simone Subissati Architects is behind the design of Border Crossing House, a private residence perched on the hills in Italy’s Marche region, dividing city and countryside.

The design of the home, located in Polverigi, Ancona, is inspired by the surrounding environment, taking cues from the landscape. Fenceless and boundary-breaking, the home features a variety of entry-exit points, each different in shape and function, with private living spaces appearing as one with the hilly surrounds.

The main body of the building is constructed with iron and painted with an anti-rust primer. While the ground floor is dedicated to the living area, the bedrooms are located on the upper floor, where, instead of simple windows, visual devices called “diaphragms” make for further connection to the undulating scenes beyond.

“I imagined a space that would feel as if it was inherited,” says Simone. “I wanted it to be the least opulent it could be: it is meant to feel as if it had always been there… So essential that you can almost think of it as a temporary place, as if it were an outdoor park. A light, flexible space that, as if it was there already, could now be reclaimed.”

Rustico, a poetic short film by Federica Biondi, explores the home’s unique luxury; a visual storytelling of architecture driven by conceptual perspective and the search for uninhibited space.

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