Blok: a Curator Of Thoughtful Living

Blok is the latest property brand to launch in Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard, but their focus is by no means limited to selling properties.

“Blok was born of a need to drive city living; something I as an urban resident believe in strongly,” says Jacques van Embden, co-founder and MD of Blok. “Urban space is extremely competitive and as such drives innovation and evolution – a big part of what makes city living attractive, as it feels like it is constantly evolving and asking questions of itself.”

This is also one of the characteristics that make Blok stand out from competitors; it too is constantly driving innovation, both in its design ethos as well as its social and community responsibility. Blok and the team behind it believe that when one lives in an urban landscape public spaces become democratic spaces. As one would care for one’s own garden or pool, when these become a shared resource, such as the Promenade and Sea Point public pools, each person that makes use of it should care for it as their own.

“Democratic spaces either belong to no-one and degenerate or they need to belong to everyone to flourish, and Blok, as a part of the developers of the city, is determined to activate this shared level of ownership and sense of responsibility,” says Jacques.

Programmes that are already in motion include a partnership with and membership to the local Rate Payers Association to work on a Crime and Grime initiative for the Atlantic Seaboard, Blok response and activation is a contribution to security initiatives of the Sea Point CID and a contribution to the LPR (license plate recognition programme). The innovation in design is driven by the focus on what WAUW Architects refer to as ‘third spaces’. “The third space is what makes a property a home, the corner that would ordinarily be ignored becomes the home office / reading corner, whatever the owners need is how we allocate that space,” says Eric van den Berg of WAUW, the architectural team designing the Blok developments, the second of which launches in October.

This ethos of thoughtfulness and innovation extends from the beautiful Blok apartments to the Blok community, consisting of the owners, shareholders, and potential owners that care about the environment in which they live, both inside and outside their front doors.

We featured Blok’s exciting Sea Point development here. You can also visit for further information.