Banele Khoza Exhibition at Zeitz MOCAA

WORDS Cheri Morris

Artist Banele Khoza’s exhibition, currently showing at Zeitz MOCAA, forms part of the Curatorial Lab’s current focus on LGBTQI+ rights and issues.

Banele’s dreamlike acrylic forms explore the sensuality of the nude male form while alluding to homoerotic fantasies and pressing feelings of susceptibility and longing. Through figurative abstraction, feverish paint application and a ghost-like blend of pinks and blues, Banele displays a style that is both acutely sensitive and unsuppressed. The light pencil traces of composition are the shadows of the fervent strokes that deliver a wash of colour and emotion to isolated white space.

Banele’s figurative forms explore societal notions of love and desire in a digital space and the intimate connections that can be expected through social media platforms.

The Curatorial Lab at Zeitz MOCAA is a multi-disciplinary space for experimental curatorial practice and research that explores undiscovered methods, subversive subject matter, under-represented topics and issues, and much more. The LGBTQI+ Banele Khoza exhibition is dedicated to providing a space for the voices and experiences of this community to be heard.

This exhibition runs until 16 September 2018. For more information, visit