Artists We Love: Nico Krijno

WORDS Malibongwe Tyilo

Photographer Nico Krijno can only see through one eye. Say what? We asked the pattern-mashing and dimension-bending young artist about collaborations and his ever-rising trajectory.

What do you mean you can only see through one eye?

Only one really works, the other is 20% or something – like a TV with Vaseline on it. My father sent me an interesting fact about the condition that he read in a newspaper article, which claims that it can happen in the womb when the baby puts pressure on his one eye with his fist – what an image! The condition is called amblyopia.

We love the colour and patterns in your work, where do you draw inspiration from?

Colour and form is central. It’s all part of my structural and geometric aesthetic that marries opposites to create new meaning. I draw energy from my everyday life; from doing dishes to riding my bicycle, sex, going for a swim… from everything!

Your collaboration with Jody Paulsen was brilliant – so much so that it landed on a VISI cover. How do you maintain balance in collaboration?

When I collaborate, I usually know the people well, or we’ve admired each other’s work for a while. I don’t collaborate with or work for people who tell me what to do. I need freedom to react in the moment, to trust my instincts.

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