Artists We Love: Ben Eagle

INTERVIEWED BY Lindi Brownell Meiring

Local graphic designer and illustrator Ben Eagle, aka Ben Veitch, is known for his colourful, minimalist approach to art.

We decided to catch up with him to find out more about inspiration, dream collabs and his latest experimentation with ceramics.

Your work is strongly based on bold colour and abstract shapes. What inspires your pieces?

I’m really intrigued by the relationship between form and colour. I like finding a balance between the two. It may look super simple, but it’s not always easy making shapes work perfectly and elegantly together.

You’re starting to branch out – what made you decide to try your hand at making ceramics?

It sort of happened by mistake. I was looking for something fun to do one weekend, so I gave it a shot and instantly fell in love. It’s really therapeutic!

Will the ceramics be available to the public?

I didn’t expect to get such a positive response, but seeing as so many people are interested I am definitely going to start working towards releasing a small series.

Who would you most like to collaborate with locally, and why?

Definitely my friend Nkuli [Mlangeni], aka THE NINEVITES. She makes the most amazing handwoven rugs. I would also love to make a range of ceramics for a restaurant, or something along those lines. If you’re a restauranteur, hit me up!

Which one of your projects have you most enjoyed working on so far?

I really enjoyed working with Sol-Sol Menswear, Mat [Mathew Keiser] is a good friend of mine and we worked well together. I hope to work with him again soon.

What’s next for Ben Eagle?

More prints, more ceramics, more exhibitions.

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