99 Loop Gallery’s Virtual Exhibitions

99 loop
Tiger on Highway by Katherine Bull

WORDS Amelia Brown

Cape Town gallery 99 Loop has two new virtual exhibitions on Artsy.net, featuring artists Katherine Bull and Elizaveta Rukavishnikova.

With #WheredoIBegin, Katherine Bull explores starting points, reflecting on the nature of beginnings and how they can make an appearance in relation to a process of searching.

Through a selection of paintings and collages, we get an insight into Katherine’s search for meaningful connection between her physical and digital natures. “How do I find a beginning to my thoughts when my brain is often outsourced to my mobile phone and online searching? How do I settle on an image to express a physical sensation or a subtle feeling when overwhelmed by the anxiety of choice in an image-saturated world?”

Cat Behind Glass by Katherine Bull.

Check out #WheredoIbegin here

Suffering Ego by Elizaveta Rukavishnikova.

Using repurposed satellite dishes and paper, Russian artist Elizaveta Rukavishnikova explores the city of Johannesburg at night in Tap into the Unknown – Nugget Square. Nugget Square is located downtown in the heart of the CBD.

Elizaveta seeks to capture the complexity of Johannesburg, now her home, and the unknowable incidents and human moments that take place within her immediate surroundings. To do this, she uses a painterly language composed of iconographic images and symbolic writings that aim to examine the greater cosmic unknown.

Mountains Do Meet by Elizaveta Rukavishnikova.

Check out Tap into the Unknown – Nugget Square here.

Dates for upcoming exhibitions by the likes of Wim Legrand, Nina Torr and Ulriche Jantjes are still to be determined post-lockdown. “Online platforms and social media have been incredibly useful tools over this time,” says 99 Loop gallery assistant Georgia Stonehouse. “We’ve had people reaching out to us and expressing interest in the art and shows through platforms like Instagram and Artsy. It’s been wonderful to see that people still want to view the artwork that our artists have worked so hard to produce – it has been really encouraging in uncertain times like this.”

Pieces are available to buy through the gallery’s Loop Editions – artists’ originals, editions and collectables – with the recent addition of monoprints by artist Clare Menck.

Nude With Yellow Towel by Clare Menck.

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