5 Tips For Hassle-Free Outdoor Entertaining

Grande Extendable Table

With the warmer weather almost upon us, how do we ensure our outdoor space remains on-trend, yet simple? And what’s the best way to ensure that our outdoor space is ready for summer?

Alon Sachs, co-founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living says creating the ultimate outdoor space is easy with the right furniture – there are key pieces for any outdoor space. Sun protection is crucial, and if your outdoor area is not under cover, an umbrella is definitely a must-have. Water-resistant seating is also quite handy around a swimming pool.

Know Your Space

Knowing your space is key. Feature a piece that makes a statement. If it’s a large piece crammed into a small space, that’s a big no-no. “Find what works for you and your home,” says Sachs.

Extend and Expand

Define your patio with an extendable table. This hidden expandable innovation gives you the flexibility to add a few extra seats to your table should impromptu guests decide to join the festivities.

Comfy and Cosy

Consider smaller pieces of furniture for that cosy look and feel. Smaller furniture items are also able to be moved around with ease and can make a space seem bigger than it actually is.

Drinks On Wheels

Having your very own mini bar, tucked in a corner with all the drinks paraphernalia, can come in handy when entertaining. If the party moves from the patio to the pool, the drinks trolley can easily follow.

Beautifully Lit

Transform your entertainment space with wireless LED lights for a soothing, subtle atmosphere during dinner or a late-night round of drinks. And since adopting an eco-friendly approach is necessary to reduce our carbon footprint, LED lighting is the recommended choice.

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