12 Playful Cat Illustrations by Kamwei Fong

kamwei fong

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES via Kamwei Fong on Instagram

Malaysian artist Kamwei Fong, otherwise known as Bo & Friends, has gained over 56 000 followers on Instagram posting his intricate (and fun!) illustrations of fluffy black cats.

The detailed drawings, featuring the character he calls The Furry Thing, are created with black ink and channel Kamwei’s mantra to “Be happy. Be Childlike. Be Ridiculous.” He also draws monkeys, dogs and bunnies, as well as goldfish (which he calls Bo).

He has also launched a series of limited-edition slip-casted and hand-painted ceramic sculptures for Malaysian store ana-tomy, seen below.

You can buy prints of his work online at Etsy.

Here are 12 of our favourite illustrations by this talented artist.

View more of Kamwei’s work on Instagram and Facebook.

(h/t) thisiscolossal.com