Xee Summer’s Digital Paintings

INTERVIEW Michaela Stehr IMAGES Xee Summer

Local designer, artist and illustrator Xee Summer (Xia Carstens) has added Modernist digital paintings to her extensive creative portfolio. We chat with her about the process.

You have such a versatile style from logo design to detailed illustration, how did you start the Modernist house collection?

I have been obsessively saving pics of my dream home for the last couple of years so I have so many beautiful images and references of homes, architecture and furniture. Most of my series aren’t really planned. It’s when I sit and take time to draw for myself between work, at night and in the early hours of the morning when I draw. I did one, then another, then another and so on. Quite like my Cape Town series. I guess this shows a part of me and my brain too. I get bored easily and explore new styles and new things the whole time. Playtime.

Do you have a particular favourite?

Probably the first pink one I did 

What is the medium used for these?

I draw them on my iPad and I use a whole variety of brushes. Pencils, charcoals, watercolour, oil paint. It’s a whole fun vibe where I haven’t limited myself at all. I put some music on and just have fun. I allow each one to turn out how it does, I don’t go in with an idea of what style I want it to be.

What do you love about this style of architecture?

It’s classic. Timeless. It will still look just as sick in 30 or 50 years from now. Super classic and tasteful.

Are these imaginary spaces or have you used references?

There are definitely reference images.

How do you go about choosing a colour palette?

I choose colours from the reference pics and then I see which colours work well together and try use those complimentary colours predominantly.

What do you think you’ll get up to next?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Where can people get hold of your work?

I mainly use Instagram and I have a website where you can buy prints. I am also always available to do commissions.