Winter Textile: Mohair


WORDS Tracy Greenwood

Mohair may be synonymous with silky winter jumpers, but it’s a fibre with loads of interesting applications.

Mohair – which is made from the hair of the Angora goat – is suitable for use in furnishings and much more thanks to its hardwearing characteristics. 

IN THE CAR: Mohair is used for trimmings such as floor mats and convertible car hoods in certain models of Range Rover and Mini Cooper.

mohair mats for custom Land Rover

ON HORSEBACK: Soft, breathable and comfortable for both horse and rider, mohair is a preferred material for making girth straps.

mohair cinch for horses

STRIVING FOR SILENCE: Thanks to its sound-muffling qualities, mohair is a popular choice for sound-reduction panels in recording studios and theatres.

mohair sound reduction woven panels for recording studios and commercial use

DOING DIY: Mohair paint rollers are most often used to apply solvent-based paints to smooth surfaces.

mohair paintroller

IN THE AIR: Mohair velour, a velvet-like fabric, is used for upholstering passenger aircraft bulkheads.

mohair velour for private jet bulkheads(noise reduction)

IN THE PURSUIT OF BEAUTY: Local artist Laduma Ngxokolo’s mohair-and-wool MaXhosa shawl was voted Most Beautiful Object in South Africa at Design Indaba 2016.

Laduma Shawl high res

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