Winning Wine Label: the. Cabernet Franc

wine label

A single story can shape opinions, move and motivate. This simple fact also rings true for consumers walking the wine aisle. Unfortunately, in the world of wine, these stories are often restricted to aficionada portals, or condensed into a single thought on a back label.

LABELinmotion, the smartphone app by Vollherbst LABELS, is set on changing this status quo. By using augmented reality (AR) to turn wine labels into storytelling objects, the company allows consumers to make an instant emotional connection with wine brands – with a simple click-and-point function on their smartphone’s camera.  This simple, yet effective technology, is changing modern-day wine marketing, and opens a world of possibilities for creative wine marketers seeking to win over consumers’ hearts.

AR has the ability to transform a wine label into a narrator, sommelier or guide. This latent energy was the motivation for the VISI editorial team when they selected their top ten wine labels from online wine marketplace,, chosen for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their potential to be elevated with augmented reality.

Ranging from the modern to the classic, these labels were submitted to a judging panel who consisted of VISI Editor Steve Smith, Matthias Vollherbst, CEO of Vollherbst Labels, and Port2Port Marketing Manager Fiona Hilton, to determine which label has the all-rounder appeal: clever design, intrigue, talkability and of course, the power of story. On the line? An augmented reality consultation and living label storytelling workshop from LABELinmotion, worth R10 000.

Labels were judged based on general impressions (initial observations and immediate appeal), storytelling elements (judged on intrigue and the potential for the label to be further elevated with augmented reality), and originality, which sought to determine how unique the label is in the current market.

Ultimately, it was the. Cabernet Franc, a collaboration between Elgin Ridge and Luddite Wines which was rated as the best wine label. Its minimalistic black label with copper typography elicited praise from judges for its premium, luxury and modern look, while its clean design achieved intrigue and talkability.

Only 900 bottles of the first vintage of this wine was released in September 2018, and it is made by Elgin Ridge’s Brian Smith and Luddite Wines’ Niels Verburg. Their goal? To make the best Cabernet Franc South African wine lovers have ever tasted.

It is therefore appropriate that the inspiration of the label was drawn from American poet, E. E. Cummings, who used “the” to indicate “best known”, “most approved”, “most important” and “most satisfying”. It is also exactly this allusion to more which appealed to judges: “the isolated ‘the’ is intriguing and lends itself to further storytelling, with lots of potential to work in audio-stories to further elevate the premium character of this wine.”

The winemaking duo of the. will now have the opportunity to dream up their own creative augmented reality narrative to portray the poetic beauty of their wine, in consultation with LABELinmotion – further enhancing a truly standout wine label.

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