Winners: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2017

COMPILED BY Lindi Brownell Meiring

Selected from 265 projects across 33 categories, the winners of this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards have finally been announced.

Having previously featured our favourites from the 2017 shortlist, we were excited to find out which of the world’s most stylish hot spots had come out on top, and whether any of our local restaurants received a much-deserved accolade. In fact, Johannesburg’s Urbanologi, which VISI featured here, took home the award for most beautifully designed restaurant in the Middle East & Africa category.

Scroll through our gallery above to find the list of overall winners, as well as all of the winners from the UK and International categories.

BEST OVERALL RESTAURANT: The Penny Drop – Melbourne, Australia (Design: Golden)

BEST OVERALL BAR: Westlight – New York, USA (Design: Studio Munge)

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA RESTAURANT: Urbanologi – Johannesburg, South Africa (Design: Haldane Martin)

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA BAR: Lock Stock & Barrel – Dubai, UAE (Design: Broadway Interiors)

UNITED KINGDOM RESTAURANT: Fucina – London, UK (Design: Andy Martin Architecture)

UNITED KINGDOM BAR: The Escapologist – London, UK (Design: Finch Interiors)

EUROPE BAR: ADAM&Co – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Design: TANK)

EUROPE RESTAURANT: Shade Burger – Poltava, Ukraine (Design: YOD Design Lab)

AUSTRALIA & PACIFIC BAR: Beta Bar – Sydney, Australia (Design: DS17)

AUSTRALIA & PACIFIC RESTAURANT: Piccolino – Mount Waverley, Australia (Design: Hachem)

ASIA BAR: JIS – Sapporo, Japan (Design: The Wholedesign)

ASIA RESTAURANT: Rhoda – Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Design: Joyce Wang Studio)

THE AMERICAS BAR: Westlight – New York, USA (Design: Studio Munge)

THE AMERICAS RESTAURANT: Duck Duck Goat – Chicago, USA (Design: AvroKO)

LEISURE: Björk – Hemavan, Sweden (Design: Murman Architects)

OUTSIDE: Colicci – London, UK (Design: Mizzi Studio)

LUXURY: Collins Room – London, UK (Design: Robert Angell Design International)

POP-UP: Coppa Club – London, UK (Design: Inhouse Design)

CEILING: Gold on 27 – Dubai, UAE (Design: Keane)

NIGHTCLUB: LEXY – Zürich, Switzerland (Design: Dyer-Smith Frey)

MURALS & GRAFFITI: Mi Chola – Aspen, USA (Design: Davis Ink Limited)

COLOUR: Nanan – Wrocław, Poland (Design: Buck Studio)

LIGHTING: Piccolino – Mount Waverley, Australia (Design: Hachem)

IDENTITY: The Penny Drop – Melbourne, Australia (Design: Pop & Pac)

SURFACE INTERIORS: The Penny Drop – Melbourne, Australia (Design: Pop & Pac)

CAFÉ: Vita Santa Margherita – Florence, Italy (Design: COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO)

Missed last year’s winning designs? Find the full list here. For more information about the awards, visit