WILDCARD Collection by Kirsten Goss

WORDS Michaela Stehr PHOTOS Caelin Roodt

Local designer Kirsten Goss has just launched WILDCARD, a new range of jewellery showcasing beautiful stones like rubies, topaz and tanzanite.

“Wildcard is a kind of eponymous collection of some of our famous organic lines and forms, juxtaposed with sharp symmetry and lush jewels,” explains Kirsten. “The idea was to create a collective of unpredictable scales, combinations and forms – almost like a considered lottery of sorts.”

Kirsten loves the notion of being exciting and pushing subtle (and not so subtle) boundaries within the fine jewellery realm. She has seated very traditional stones like rubies, sapphires, blue topaz and tanzanites alongside unconventional counterparts like spikes, draped chains, upside-down-shapes and hypnotic circles. “Each of the organic shapes is literally hand drawings of mine brought to life in silver and gold,” she says.

“As with every collection we create, we aim not only for a visual feast; but for one with substance,” adds Kirsten. “These pieces are painstakingly created by qualified, gold and silversmiths – all in-house, using the finest sterling silver, 18kt gold and natural precious and semi-precious gemstones. They all feel and wear as good as they look.”

Take a look at the lookbook video below.

“And it’s a never-ending collection,” says Kirsten. “The possibilities play endlessly in my head… so buckle up, for many more WILDCARDs are in the pipeline.”

See more of Kirsten’s pieces at kirstengoss.com.