Wiid Design X Ceramic Matters Collaboration: Warped Vases


We chatted to Laurie Wiid of Wiid Design about his cool collaboration with Ceramic Matters.

When did your collaboration begin?

Our first work together was in 2013 after a trip we took to Design Miami in Basel, Switzerland.

How did the collaboration with Ceramic Matters come about?

Like-minded awareness/sensibility of design and a shared respect for each other’s aesthetics. We thought it would be interesting to combine the sharp, clinical precision of Wiid Design with Ceramic Matters’ organic surface treatment and interest in the qualities of the material.

What did the collaboration entail?

Discussing and playing with ideas and ultimately agreeing on the shapes and surfaces we all thought would work on the units.

What process goes into creating these vases?

The original shape is inspired by laboratory shapes with an emphasis on the scale and are made by myself. Ceramic Matters then used the moulds to cast the pieces, but rather than leaving it in the moulds to dry, the vases were removed and “slumped” to show the qualities (plasticity) of the material.

What are the glazing techniques and colours used? 

The pieces are created using a Ceramic Matters reactive glaze technique. The method and approach is grounded on what the Japanese used to call “the gift of the fire. The shapes are essentially based on laboratory forms, therefore the texture and colour association was liquid/bubbling/boiling.

See these vases and more from Wiid Design in the lastest issue (VISI 79), where we get to look inside Laurie’s stylish Observatory workspace.