Wicker wheels

WORDS Thanaa Moosa PHOTOS Akintunde Akinleye

Nigerian craftsman Ojo Obaniyi has applied his seasoned weaving skill to transform his car into a mobile billboard for his small weaving business, exemplifying Africa’s untapped talent. 

From his small workshop in Ibadan, Nigeria, 40-year-old Ojo employed his20 years of experience in the trade to cover everything from the dashboard to the wheel caps of his Volkswagen bakkie with woven raffia palm. Pictures of the masterpiece along with his story went viral on the internet, capturing widespread attention across the world.

Passionate about his trade and his country, Ojo is driven by his devotion to encourage change in his community. “I wanted to prove a point that it is not only the educated elite that can make useful changes in society. We, the artisans, also have talents that can be used to effect change and make a positive impact in the world,” says Ojo.