Scent from Africa

WORDS Malibongwe Tyilo

A range of parfum solide fragrances from Frazer Parfum boasts an African-inspired story of its ongoing journey and design by Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx.

Headed up by Tammy Frazer, Frazer Parfum makes all its perfumes from natural and raw organic ingredients. It also creates bespoke perfumes for clients who seek something special, a fragrance that smells like no other. 

Tammy makes her parfum solide using an 18th-century traditional method, where organic beeswax is infused with natural perfume. To use it, rub the perfume with your fingers to generate heat, then apply it to your pulse points for a slow-releasing aroma.

For the containers, Tammy works with other artisans to create cases as unique as her African-inspired fragrances. One such container that caught our eye is the Protea Porcelain Egg Parfum Solide. Read the backstory behind the box in the captions above.

R500 each (includes the pouch),