Weylandts Creates a Theatre Of Sleep With Three Local Designers


Weylandts created something out of the ordinary for 100% Design South Africa, teaming up with three of South Africa’s most exciting young industrial designers.

Interpreting the brief, 100% Sleep, Weylandts explored four stages of the act of sleeping and dreaming, expressing each in a whimsical pod. Each pod, or stage, featured commissioned pieces by Mpho Vackier of The Urbanative, Thabisa Mjo of Mash. T Design Studio and Monique Vee, that aimed to challenge the way we see bedroom furniture.

The first stage, “The Daydream”, features the playful Nostalgia swing by Monique Vee and the Leap clothing rail by Thabisa Mjo of Mash. T Design Studio — a fresh take on the open rail with a neon-detail terrazzo base.

“The Bedtime Story” explores the time spent before falling asleep — the magic of getting lost in the story. It showcases the capsule bench by Mpho Vackier of The Urbanative and a woven Hourglass stool by Mash. T Design Studio, while Monique Vee’s minimalist L shelves provide plenty of options for lovers of books and objets d’art.

Exploring the darker phase of sleep, “Dreamstate” features a striking hand-printed wooden headboard by The Urbanative. Inspired by woven rope patterns, the piece is aptly called the XXX Headboard.

The final stage, “The Awakening”, is all about the joy of morning light, with the Capsule open wardrobe inspiring with its rust-coloured rope detail and attractive curves.

“For us, it was all about reinterpreting the bedroom and giving designers the chance to look at the bedroom in a new way,” says project leader Anna Weylandt. “We hope to include some of these pieces in our permanent ranges. It will be fascinating to see which designs the public likes most.”

To coincide with 100% Design South Africa, you can vote for your favourite design and stand a chance to win that particular piece. Go to weylandts.co.za/theatre-of-sleep to vote.