Watercolour Artworks By Kristi Marié Pretorius

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES courtesy of Kristi Marié Pretorius

Cape Town-based artist Kristi Marié Pretorius creates soothing watercolour works depicting the ocean, forests and light, and the marriage between water, pigment and parchment.

As a child, Kristi watched her father paint dreamy landscapes, trying her best to copy him. At school she went against the pencil-heavy grain of her classmates and further explored watercolour as her chosen medium. When she moved from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, the eight-to-five office life as a graphic designer consumed her, leading her back to where she began, paintbrush in hand.


She started a small art business doing illustrations for nurseries, before moving on to selling paintings of wildlife, nudes and botanicals at the Old Biscuit Mill. After developing tendinitis in her hand from spending hours on intricate details in her wildlife paintings, she started creating more fluid, abstract works.

Kristi’s varying styles form narratives for her daily life. When she feels out of control, she finds solace in controlled, detailed works. When she’s care-free, she paints loosely across the canvas, documenting the abstract simplicity of a life lived in the present moment. Expect to see her prints on textiles, wallpaper, and even yoga mats, soon.

Love Kristi’s watercolours? You can purchase them via her online shop or find her at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town every Saturday from 9am – 3pm.