W+W Water-saving Washbasin by Roca


WORDS Ashraf Booley

In collaboration with bathroom brand Roca, Milan designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti created W+W, a combined washbasin and toilet that makes saving water easier than ever before.

Here in Cape Town, where VISI HQ is located, tough water restrictions have been imposed. This, coupled with the general water scarcity in South Africa, have made us acutely aware of the need to save water, so we were thrilled when we spotted W+W. The innovative design cleverly combines a washbasin and toilet, not only reducing water consumption but also maximising space in the bathroom.

The inventive design employs Roca’s new water-reuse technology to filter and store waste water from the basin, which is then used to fill the cistern. Rest assured, the grey water passes through a double filtration system to remove bacteria and odours. Waste water can be diverted to the drain if necessary, and the cistern can also be filled from the mains. Reusing the waste water from the basin in the toilet means usage is reduced by up to 25%, in comparison to a standard 6/3-litre dual-flush toilet. Talk about sustainable design!

For more information, visit roca.com.