WATCH: Never Too Small: Riviera Cabin


Love small spaces? This short video by NEVER TOO SMALL shows the revamp of an open-plan Italian apartment into a space for four inspired by the ocean and boats.

The summerhouse is designed for four people, and was created to the simple brief of making two rooms from the 35 square meters of available space.

llabb Architecture converted the 1970s open-plan studio apartment by compartmentalising the space using storage, creating two “hidden” bedrooms for sleeping stacked on top of each other. This mimics the concept of how people live on sailing boats.

The bright and light open living area is surrounded by a “waterline”, referencing back to the ocean and the nautical feel, which connects to the small but efficient kitchen.

The bathroom adds a pop of colour with sea-blue tiles against white walls and wooden vertical shelves. The floors feature wooden tiles inspired by the decking of a boat.

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