WATCH: How To Style Your Holiday Table in Glass With VISI & Zola Nene


VISI’s Features Editor Amelia Brown teamed up with celebrity chef, author and EatOut Restaurant Editor Zola Nene to show the presentation possibilities of glass – both to create a beautiful table setting and to cook and serve food in, tastefully brought to you by Consol. 

In the video below, Amelia and Zola demonstrate that you can take Consol items you have in your pantry and use them to dress a table elegantly and present a three-course meal in them, too. Not only is glass infinitely reusable as well as recyclable, this creative-cooking duo show how versatile it can be. Consol has an incredibly wide range of jars, bottles, stemware and drinking glasses, and even crockery.

As well as looking beautiful presented in glass, Zola’s recipes are an asset to any busy host: You can prepare the starter and dessert in advance and refrigerate until ready to serve, and the main course can go from the oven to the table (once cooled, of course!).

Plus, you can screw the lids on any leftovers and put them in the fridge or – better yet – send your guests home with some. And when it does come time for you to do the dishes, all of the Consol jars can go in the dishwasher.

Zola’s lemon crème with a berry compote dessert served in Consol Moroccan yoghurt pots.

As for the table setting, “we wanted to layer glass on glass to create a contemporary, elegant setting, almost like an art installation of glass,” explains Amelia. “This is maximum impact with minimal effort – and with items you have in your home and can repurpose later.”

She elected for a simple, sophisticated all-white palette, from the flowers and napkins to the white Consol crockery. “For the decoration, I chose a variety of different size Consol bottles. Rather than just using them as vases, we actually put flowers and foliage in them. Then we filled the bottles with water to varying heights, in some cases submerging the flower or leaf entirely, and used different types of long, tapered candles.”

“There is such a variety of shapes and sizes of jars, including milky, opaque ones, and the lights twinkle off all the glassware beautifully.” To add to the drama of your setting, she suggests you have mirror cut into shapes to use as place mats and candle holders. “Mirror is a wonderful way to reflect the setting, the transparency of the glasses, and the warm glow of the lighting.”

“Another benefit to this type of arrangement is that glass is clear, so guests can see through the bottles, which are at different heights, too,” Amelia continues. “You can move and rearrange them as you need to, and, if you need the space, you can take everything off the table and recreate the effect on a side board,” she says.

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