WATCH: 4 000 Google Earth Images Come To Life

WORDS Mary Garner VIDEO Adnaan Jiwa on Vimeo

This hypnotic audiovisual piece is made up of more than 4 000 still images taken from Google Earth.

Each picture was individually edited and painstakingly sequenced using Google Earth Pro and Adobe After Effects. The film highlights both environmental innovation and degradation across the globe, from housing developments in Denmark that were created to promote an increased sense of community to deforestation sites in the Amazon and the biodiversity of the Namib Desert in Namibia.

Toposcape Video

Not sure what you’re looking at? Adnaan has broken the video down by location:

– 0:09 New York, USA
– 0:17 Namib Desert, Namibia
– 0:23 California, USA
– 0:28 Denmark
– 0:32 New York, USA
– 0:52 Saudi Arabia
– 1:00 The Netherlands
– 0:52 Saudi Arabia
– 1:10 New York, USA
– 1:18 Iran
– 1:23 New York, USA
– 1:29 The Netherlands
– 1:32 California, USA
– 1:35 Brazil