Wan Liya’s Ceramic Paintings

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES courtesy of China Design Centre (Phoebe Guo) and Wan Liya via thisiscolossal.com

Artist Wan Liya paints intricately detailed natural scenes onto ceramic versions of modern-day household items.

Depicting birds, plants, mountain scenes and flowers, his pieces are inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, in particular Wang Ximeng’s 12th-century painting One Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains. From spray bottles and vases to soap dispensers and disposable coffee cups, Wan transforms simple objects into works of art.

When displayed together, the individual pieces work in unison to create a complete visual story. The concept behind his creations is to transform and celebrate the beauty of what is considered ordinary.

For more information, visit wanliya.com.

(h/t) thisiscolossal.com