VISI Great Spaces Tour: Johann Slee’s Farm-Style Home

IMAGES Camilla Hendry

On the sunny winter Saturday of 25 July 2015, VISI readers got the opportunity to explore the beautiful Stellenbosch home of architect Johann Slee.

After some delicious pastries, savoury snacks, coffee and a glass of Graham Beck Brut, guests were welcomed by VISI editor-in-chief Sumien Brink and deputy editor Annemarie Meintjes.

Homeowners Johann and René Slee then took readers through the process of designing their dream home, explaining how they worked on creating indoor/outdoor flow, perfecting insulation and positioning the house to allow for maximum sunlight and incredible views from every room. A walk through the house was followed by Johann elaborating on each specific space, from the stone swimming pool in an indigenous garden to his fascinating architecture and art studio.

Guests took home a bottle of Graham Beck Brut and two of the latest issues of VISI, including VISI 78, which features this striking home.

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