VISI Great Spaces Tour: Bosjes


On Saturday 6 May, the Stofberg family opened their Bosjes farm to the guests of the VISI Great Spaces tour for a majestic, yet chilly experience.

Nestled at the foot of the Waaihoek mountains, this pristine hideaway is home to a beautiful chapel. The Bosjes Chapel is an architectural marvel whose curved shape combines modern and classic design. The interior, a church-like room with glass windows, is overlooked by the mountains and is illuminated by the natural light that breaks in from all angles. Sitting there definitely gave one the sense of being in a sacred, celebratory space. London-based architect Coetzee Steyn of Steyn Studio orchestrated the core team of architects that worked on this 120-seater wonder.

Says interior designer Liam Mooney, of Liam Mooney Studio, “Like most architectural spaces, we prioritised beauty over any kind of practicality. Overall, what we achieved is an all-inclusive space where people could come in and be as inspired as we were by the mountains, by nature.”

On the walk-through of the lush farm, guests were taken to the tea garden, where food from the bistro-style Bosjes Kombuis was served, accompanied by Graham Beck bubbly. The plants and greenery in the surrounding areas, all referencing biblical scripture, made for the perfect backdrop.

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