Transcending Aesthetic Boundaries: OKHA Repose Sofa


Crafted by the renowned South African design studio OKHA, the Repose sofa has not only captured the hearts of discerning homeowners but has also been handpicked by leading interior designers globally for key projects around the world, from streets of New York to the vibrant cityscape of Sydney.

In the ever-evolving landscape of luxury furniture, the OKHA Repose Sofa has emerged as a global icon, celebrated for its perfect blend of comfort, style, and craftsmanship. Popular with interior designers who want to combine modern and classic design styles, the sofa’s sensual contours and seductive lines make it the perfect addition to any room.

“I was drawing something freehand, loose and fluid and not thinking about the end result and where it was heading, the shape created itself, then I coerced into something you rest and recline on”.

Adam Court | Creative Director, OKHA

The timeless silhouette of the OKHA Repose Sofa makes it a versatile and elegant choice for high-profile projects. This sofa has found its way into the blueprints of some of the most prestigious projects, turning living spaces into curated masterpieces. From chic penthouses in Manhattan to luxurious coastal residences in Sydney, the sofa has become synonymous with refined taste and uncompromising quality.

“Repose is a truly unique and beautiful sofa. OKHA has designed it to be viewed from every elevation to enhance the distinct shape which makes it instantly iconic and perfectly complements our design philosophy. This is why we  represent it”.

Nacho Polo Director of leading design gallery Studio TwentySeven

The global acclaim of the OKHA Repose Sofa isn’t just based on its visual appeal alone; it’s a testament to the comfort it brings. The adaptable ergonomic design and generously padded cushions make it ideal for luxurious liveability.

From penthouses in the heart of New York to beachfront residences in Sydney, the OKHA Repose Sofa has become a global statement of luxury. Its presence in key projects around the world not only speaks to its design prowess but also to its ability to transcend aesthetic boundaries.