Cool Spaces: The Flamenco Lounge

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Supplied

Located upstairs at La Parada Melrose Arch, the Flamenco Lounge is a captivating, moody space inspired by the late-night jazz clubs in New York.

Ascend the stairs at La Parada Melrose Arch and be transported into a world of striking lighting, deep jewel tones, and soft jazz music.

Designed by the restaurant design aficionados, KT Interior Architectural and Interior Design Studio, the Flamenco Lounge is awash in rich, luxurious colours like deep purples, velvety blues, and sumptuous reds, creating a sensual, inviting ambience. The walls feature intricate patterns and textures which evoke the passion and energy of flamenco dancing and late-night jazz clubs in New York. Dimmed lights strategically placed around the room cast dramatic shadows, accentuating the sultry, mysterious feel.

The Flamenco Lounge

The lighting plays a central role in the design of the Flamenco Lounge. Strategically placed dim lights create dramatic shadows, enhancing the sultry and mysterious ambience of the venue. A large disco ball installation hangs from the ceiling, casting sparkling reflections that add to the dancefloor-inspired feel of the space.

Seating arrangements feature Comfy tub chairs custom designed by KT Interior Architectural and Interior Design Studio, with plush upholstery reminiscent of a luxurious jazz club, offering the perfect place to unwind. Decor touches like candles in ornate holders, vintage record players playing soft jazz tunes, and small vases filled with deep red roses all add to the music-inspired atmosphere.

Whether you’re seeking a night of dancing or a relaxed evening with friends, the upstairs area at La Parada Melrose Arch provides the perfect setting for an indulgent experience.

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