Timothy Oulton for Weylandts

WORDS Mary Garner

British furniture brand Timothy Oulton has created a glamorous lighting collection, as part of its Hosted Living concept, that’s exclusively available from Weylandts.

The new collection has been designed for people who love to entertain and includes the Night Rod Pendant, in small and large, and the Inception Round Mirror. The Night Rod pendant was designed by Timothy Oulton in collaboration with furniture designer Wayne Chiu.

“The design concept for Night Rod was to come up with an innovative form using crystal; a traditional material that has been played with over and over in the past. Night Rod uses K9 glass, lighter and clearer than crystal, and reinvents it in a modern way,” Wayne explains. “We started with the idea of a kaleidoscope, and considered what it would look like from the outside if the multiple reflections [were] flipped inside out.”

The Inception Round Mirror was inspired by infinity mirrors from the 1970s. Once lit, it reveals a seemingly endless line of reflections that appear smaller and smaller as they fade into the distance. When turned off, the mirror has a refined and elegant presence, but turned on it’s as though a portal has been opened, leading you and your guests into another dimension.

For more information, visit weylandts.co.za.